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The AAAC is a not-for-profit peak body representing professionals who are involved in delivering acoustic solutions to a wide range of clients and the community.

AAAC members are competent and capable in their field of expertise. They provide professional unbiased advice and deliver practical innovative and cost-effective solutions for their clients.

About The AAAC

The AAAC was established to inform the public of the role and responsibilities of Acoustical Consultants and, in particular, the services which such consultants provide.

The AAAC strives to establish and encourage adherence to standards of professional behaviour and conduct for acoustical consultants by encouraging the members of the association to maintain a high professional standard in all matters of practice including the calibration and use of instruments, measuring techniques and data processing.

The AAAC provides members with a forum for exchange of information on matters relating to acoustics and to cooperate and liaise with other Associations and bodies with respect to matters of mutual acoustical interest.

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Association of Australasian
Acoustical Consultants