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If you have any questions about this code, or you have a potential dispute with a AAAC member firm please contact the Executive.

A copy of our dispute resolution procedure can be downloaded here


An essential characteristic of a profession is the need for its members to abide by a Code of Professional Conduct or Ethics.

The AAAC requires its members to subscribe to the following set of values and ideals which uphold and advance their profession. This Code provides guidance and support to AAAC members to ensure that they practice with the highest ethical and professional standards in order to support the community they serve.

Members of the Association of Australasian Acoustical Consultants agree to the following:

Professional Standards

1. To maintain the standards of business and personal conduct reasonably expected of a professional

2. To act with professional responsibility and integrity in my dealings with the community and clients, employers, employees and students

3. To provide professional opinions in an objective and truthful manner, avoiding statements that may be demeaning, misleading or unethical

4. Not to misrepresent one's skills and experience

5. To undertake work only in areas of competence, unless the client is informed of the member's limitations

6. To maintain a proper sense of responsibility to the client, broader community, employees, the profession and the environment

7. To refrain from public criticism of another member of AAAC

Confidentiality and Disclosure

1. Agree not to disclose confidential client information without permission

2. Not to disclose any financial matters relating to a client without permission or required by law

3. Disclose any conflict of interest or potential conflict of interest prior to undertaking an assignment

Fair Competition

1. When carrying out a review of another Member's work, take reasonable steps to inform the other Member that a review has been requested

2. Prior to taking over another Member's work on a project, invite the client to notify that Member that their involvement has been discontinued

3. AAAC members shall abide by the Competition and Consumers Act 2010 by promoting fair and efficient competition for business and protection for consumers.

Professional Opinion and Competence

1. Provide professional opinion and responsible comment on another’s work when called to do so, exercising restraint in the review and confining the opinion to those points that are truly relevant and objectively important

2. To take responsible steps to ensure that a client who overrules or neglects the Member's advice is made aware of the possible consequences

3. To avoid being placed under an obligation to a third party in dealing with a client, and to refuse anything of substantial value from a third party

4. Not knowingly omit from any finalised report any information that would materially alter the conclusion that could be drawn from the report

5. Ensure that staff are qualified and competently trained to handle the assigned task

6. Ensure that I take all reasonable steps to maintain my own professional development

Association of Australasian
Acoustical Consultants