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The AAAC guidelines have been developed with input from AAAC members.

The guidelines are maintained by working groups who coordinate updates and refinements to the guidelines.


The Guidelines prepared by members of the Association of Australasian Acoustical Consultants (AAAC) are designed to assist proponents and operators, architects, planners, Local Government or regulatory authority officers and acoustical consultants to measure, predict and assess noise and vibration in a variety of settings. The objective of the Guidelines is to achieve consistent, accurate and fair assessments.

Member firms of the AAAC are encouraged to use the Guidelines where they are relevant. The Guidelines are advisory in nature and they are not statutory documents. The statutory requirements in each Australian State and Territory, or in New Zealand may vary. Care should be taken to adopt the local statutory requirements if they prevail over the Guidelines. In such cases, the procedures in some Guidelines may need to be modified to meet the specific local statutory requirements. If the statutory requirements are nonspecific or lacking detail, the Guidelines will assist in determining the appropriate assessment procedure.

Released Guidelines

  • AAAC Guideline for Apartment and Townhouse Acoustic Rating
  • AAAC Guideline for Child Care Centre Acoustic Assessment
  • AAAC Guideline for Report Writing
  • AAAC Guideline for Selection of an Acoustical Consultant
  • AAAC Guideline for Commercial Building Acoustics
  • AAAC Guideline for Educational Facilities Acoustics
  • AAAC Guideline for Health Care Building Acoustics
  • AAAC Licensed Premises Guideline
  • AAAC Building Acoustic Scope of Work Document 
  • AAAC Guideline for Interpretation and Application of NZBC Clause G6

Comments and feedback on the guidelines should be sent to the AAAC Secretary by non AAAC members and via the Members Forum for AAAC members.

The Executive oversees any technical disputes which cannot be resolved by the working groups.

Association of Australasian
Acoustical Consultants